Patricia Friar

Patricia Friar
Patricia is the Director of Marketing and a founder of Viviota. She is an expert in marketing for emerging high-tech companies.
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Sensor Data Hybrid Cars Electric Cars ESS ANC

Electronic Sound Synthesis & Active Noise Cancellation in Automobiles

Car & Driver's March 2019 issue includes an article on sound Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS). With the September...

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Engineering Data Big Data Analytics Sensor Data NIWeek

Sneak Peek at NIWeek Sessions: Big Daddy of Big Data & Saving Millions of $ Managing Sensor Data

National Instruments will be hosting their annual customer conference and partner showcase, NIWeek 2019, this year from May 20-23 at the Austin...

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Autonomous Vehicles ADAS Hybrid Cars Electric Cars

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Low Speed Alert Systems - Music to Our Ears?

I was reminded yesterday of how cars play a role in our identity, and separately how new auto safety regulations for electric and hybrid vehicles...

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Engineering Data Big Data Analytics IIoT Sensors automotive industry

How One Major Automotive Company Extracted More Knowledge from Test Data

The emergence of smarter cars means automotive companies are looking for smarter ways to work. And they know getting there requires new efficiencies...

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Analytics Sensors F1 COTA U.S. Grand Prix

OT Big Data Analytics & U.S. Grand Prix

Whichever your team, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull or one of the other elite F1 teams, the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin on Sunday was amazing to the end....

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Big Data IIoT Electric Grid Real-time computing

Smart Grid or Not, We Can’t Pussy-foot Around Its Security

The complexity of the electric power industry creates enormous opportunity for Fortune 500 companies and promising technology companies. Increased...

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Engineering Data Big Data Analytics IIoT Sensors automotive industry

Who Said German Companies are Laggards in Applying Big Data?

I was struck by a headline in Dataconomy: “German Companies Are Behind on the Trend of using Data to Solve Business Challenges.” Headlines are a...

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Big Data IIoT Sensors

The Sensor Revolution—It's not Just for the Big Guys

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