Justin Young presents at NI's Global LabVIEW Architect Summit

November 11, 2020 by Patricia Friar

Viviota's Senior Architect, Dr. Justin Young, presented this week at the National Instruments (NI) summit for LabVIEW architects.  This annual event brings together top LabVIEW development talent from around the world to share information and exchange ideas to help build best-of-breed LabVIEW applications for the engineering world.  Dr. Young's talk: Migrating a mature application and plugin infrastructure to an architecture based on PPLs covered the following...

LabVIEW’s Packed Project Libraries (PPLs) offer several advantages for users and developers. As this build technology has matured, several presentations and white papers on the topic have focused on using PPLs to create plugin infrastructures. However, their focus is on new development and prototypes/demonstrations. Aside from a few NI/LAVA board posts, little information is available on how strategies and pitfalls related to migrating mature applications with modular plugin-based design. Here we discuss our experience in doing such a migration including: motivations, key challenges, lessons learned, and outcomes – all of the ingredients needed to answer the question: “Was it worth it?”