Product Verification Accelerating Innovation - Webinar

February 18, 2020 by Patricia Friar

There’s a rumble in the Automotive Industry. A survey of automotive industries stakeholders, conducted by Jabil, showed that automotive companies are shortening product development timelines to meet new market requirements. The automotive industry has undergone a number of industry-shifting developments over the past several years. The introduction of electric vehicles and the continued development of ADAS technologies are leading these transformations. We’ve seen new challengers in the automotive industry popping up, and rapid innovation within leading automotive companies.

This vision for the industry is driving shortened product development timelines, and making iterative and agile engineering increasingly important. With the race to market critical to competitive success, automotive engineers are looking for ways to accelerate processes while gaining precision. Engineers are looking for ways to automate more processes so time can be spent on engineering. Watch the on-demand webinar.

New product development frameworks are providing engineers a way to iterate faster to gain critical insights and bring products to market faster. Sudhakar Navathe’s upcoming webinar focuses on how leading engineering organizations are reducing the time to bring new products to market by applying new product development frameworks and rigorous use of simulation upfront to reduce product development time.

Data is the common thread throughout the product process. Engineers need automated ways to manage massive amounts of engineering data across the entire product lifecycle. The vision calls for data which is reliable, available and shareable reducing redundant data management tasks and costly retests.

The complexities ADAS, connected cars, and EV bring with their variety and complexity of sensor data makes this an ever-more critical step at this juncture in the history of the automotive industry.

In the upcoming webinar you will learn how engineers are using new frameworks to save time in the product development process and how they are automating data and analyses management to get back time and focus on engineering innovation.  Watch the on-demand webinar.