Predix, The SAP of IIoT

August 29, 2016 by Barry Hutt

I have been around a long time and  I remember many years ago, when I was at IBM, the big buzz word was "Open Systems". This really was code for buy anything that is not made by IBM. In fairness it was the beginning of the rise of Enterprise Unix and the push for standards so customers would not be locked into a single vendor.  There was a cynical saying one of my customers use to say that made me laugh. "Anyone with an open mouth has an open system".


Today the new buzz words are IoT, IIot and Big Data. Quick name me a technology company that is not pushing/marketing at least one or all of these terms and made it a "core strategy"?  Below is one of the latest entries from GE. They are now a 123 year old software startup.  I cannot claim to predict the success of Predix.. But clearly GE has the advantage of a brand, lots of cash and customers.  On the surface seems like a can't miss formula.  Viviota is a true startup minus the brand and cash.  In my wildest dreams I would say Viviota is a competitor to Predix.  In my sane moments we are an IIot software company that delivers real value for our customers and knows a thing or two about sensors, machines, instruments and IT.  We are not the SAP of IIot which is what Predix looks like to me. But we could be Quickbooks.